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What is the CLC?

group shot of H-LSAMP students

The Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) is comprised of two student support centers - the CLC Computer Center and the CLC STEM Tutoring Center. The CLC is open to all students in the College of Science and Engineering.

Location:  Ingram Hall #3202
Phone:     512.245.1674

CLC Computer Center 
The CLC Computer Center has Dell desktop computer/work stations, each equipped with various software programs used by students in the College of Science and Engineering. 

CLC STEM Tutoring Center
Undergraduate students from the H-LSAMP Scholars Program provide free walk-in tutoring covering basic and advanced courses in STEM: biochemistry, biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, engineering technology, mathematics, and physics. We have a STEM textbook library, TI83+ calculators to lend on site, and a team of excellent H-LSAMP tutors to help you ace your courses!

Tutoring Schedule: